“Warning? I ain’t afraid of no warnings!”

After my recent loss of a dear Heron named Thief, from its ashes rose Thief II (also a Heron). I was determined to compensate this one f*ckup that costed me a ship and some pretty expensive stuff like Prototype Cloaking Device.

I’ve been a few hours in high-sec and found only three data sites. One of them had already been stripped of all of the valuables inside data structures before my arrival. That was quite unfortunate. In my cargo there were only about 3.5M ISK which wasn’t a lot but still it was something. So I’ve stumbled upon a system that was called Oinen or something like that. It was located in the Forge cluster, had a sec status of 0.7 or 0.6 and was 7 jumps away from Jita. There were a lot of signatures in it so I had high hopes for this system. unfortunately there were only two data sites in the system and one of them I just could scan down to 100% (that was a real struggle by the way, because I’ve spent 20 minutes or so but couldn’t get it to higher than 74% no matter what tricks I did with the probes). So I’ve decided to try my luck at warping to the second one.

You know those traditional messages that pop-up when you warp to some cosmic signature (like Guristas Backup Server and la-la-la). Well guess what, instead of this kind of message I got “Warning” and etc. Well, I didn’t pay it too much attention. That was a huge mistake.

“4 data structures, not bad”, I thought. And one of them even contained some blueprints! “Jackpot!”. Or not. Because out of nowhere in the middle of my hacking of the the one data structure with blueprints a bunch of rogue sentry drones appeared out of nowhere. They almost blew me up, I’ve managed to throw my own drones into space when I was already in 50% armor. And then this data structure blew up. And my Heron blew up with it. The whole fracking data cluster was destroyed by those rogue sentry drones. And that my friends was my first encounter of the so called Ghost sites.

Pro Tip Of The Day#3: pay attention to the deviations in your routine actions.

I was a bit displeased with this accident. I didn’t have any desire to make 7 jumps to Jita, so I’ve just destroyed my capsule, took my Walkure (Moa), in case I needed some tanking to recover what was left of Thief II and its cargo and made a round trip for re-obtaining the goods. Loot fairy was on my side. I was able to retrieve most of the loot and even my cloaking device.


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