“Can someone pod me, please?”

After a few days of running around high-sec systems and racing other explorers to those yummy data sites I’ve become to get a bit greedy. I had a month of training time for a stealth bomber, and those guys cost a lot for a newbie. 25M ISK for a ship is not a joke when you know how to make only 5-6M ISK per day. So after some time considering all the pros and cons of this stupid idea, I’ve decided that it’s about time for me to enter the “spooky space” (or w-space, or wormhole space). I had already learned Cloaking and fitted a Prototype Cloaking Device (God knows why I need it in high-sec) and wanted to put it to use.

Why the w-space? For me it seemed that it is safer than low-sec or other null-sec systems because in w-space there is no local channel. You only appear there if you say something. So if you are silent and stay away from the planets, stars, POSes with a distance more than 14.3 AU you are relatively safe. Or so I thought…

My whole journey in w-space consisted of three jumps.

I’ve found an entrance to the first w-space system in high-sec somewhere around Jita. Unfortunately for me J104210 was populated with some of the members of the owner corp online. My God, I’ve never been in one system with a Nidhogg (Minmatar Carrier) before. I’ve managed to scan some of the signatures and locate a data site and even hack one of the Com Towers when something began to happen in the system. On my d-scan I’ve started seeing Combat Scanning Probes which seemed like a bad sign for me, so I decided to warp off to another wormhole present in the system try my luck there. By the way, I’ve remembered that I hadn’t bookmarked the wormhole to high-sec the fact moment I hit the button “Enter wormhole”.

Pro Tip Of The Day #1: bookmark the fracking exit to safety. 

The second w-space system (J212338) was better from my point of view because it looked like it is almost empty in terms of other people. A bunch of signatures were scanned and a data site was located. I’ve warped to it and tried to do a better job at filling my cargo with loot than it was in the last system. Man, that wasn’t easy. My Hacking skill was at the level 2 at the moment and I’ve used Data Analyser I. Here in this system I’ve seen some of the defensive systems for the first time. Those healing bosh’tets were especially annoying. Nevertheless I’ve managed to hack 2 out of 4 data containing structures (one blew up unfortunately, and the other didn’t contain anything of value) and was very pleased to see that I’ve already looted for 10,5M ISK. Proud for myself I’ve added Hacking to the Training queue and logged off.

On the next day I’ve stumbled upon another near-dead w-space system. It was named J114003. I’ve scanned the hell out of it right before the daily server downtime. Two data sites, not bad. But there were not enough time for me to make anything happen, so I logged off. Sadly, I wasn’t able to play EVE until evening. The first thing I did was wrapping to the first data sites I’ve found earlier. To say that I didn’t expect to see any rats there is equal to saying nothing. I was stunned. The distance between us was something like 60km or so, I was in Heron (Caldari Exploration frig), and those rats were cruiser-class. In other words I had plenty of time to align to a safe I’ve made earlier and warp the hell out of there. But you know what? I didn’t. I was just sitting there hesitant about what should I do. And then they blew my dear Heron.

Pro Tip Of The Day #2: do not hesitate to escape.

After that I was sitting in my capsule for sometime on the same damn place, with my 10,5M ISK floating around me. And I couldn’t even pick them, because the capsule does’t have a cargo hold. If only it had 0.1 m^3 I would’ve tried to get my 5M ISK processor from data site and then look for the exit (remember, I didn’t bookmark it).

I was sitting there for something like 5 minutes trying to believe in everything that had  happened. And then I’ve warped off and entered another wormhole.

There were some people in the system and I didn’t know where the exit was. So I’ve started talking in local.

>Hello guys

>Can someone pod me, please?

>My ship blew up and I don’t know where the exit to high-sec is

>Or you can tell me about the exit

>Either variant works

“Why would you do that?”, you would probably ask me. And I would tell you that I don’t know anything about being in the pod. It was the second time for me to be in the capsule, and the first one to be in the one in w-space with no clue on exit whereabouts. So I’ve started talking in local. “But you have self-destruct ability on your capsule”. Yeah, well, I’ve figured that out after 20 minutes of me trying to locate wormhole owners. So I’ve pushed it and after 2 minutes my clone woke up in Jita.

And that was the end of my wormhole tourism for some time.


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