Why Covert Ops Cloak is awesome

Not long ago I decided to buy myself a Buzzard. For some reason it was even more expensive than a Manticore for the moment. Nevertheless, I felt that it was worth the demanded price.

To run it through its paces I decided to head straight to null-sec. There weren’t a lot of people at the region you can reach through Obe system gates. A couple of guys here and there in the local but mostly none. That was actually a good thing. In such a fragile ship you don’t want some wild Loki to appear anywhere near you.

I can’t say, that I got lots of valuable cargo, because I had patience and luck only for two and a half relic sites. Two were okay, no one was in the system beside me. The last one though… At first, the system was empty. So I’ve scanned down some of the cosmics, warped to the relic site and started hacking. There were three or so structures left to hack, when I saw people appear in local. That exact moment I enabled directional scan. Ishtar, Astero and a bunch of Sister Core Scanner Probes. I decided to run away. I had enough in my cargo to recoup the cost of Buzzard so heading home, to the safety of high-sec, was aт acceptable idea.

That’s when the things started to head a bit south. I know about gate camps. And when you see two cruisers at your d-scan at the gate for like 5 minutes it sure looks like the one. Along my path to Obe there was a system, that I couldn’t avoid. I had to jump through the exact gate that was chosen by those two guys.

The main profit from having a CovOps cloaking device is that you can warp while cloaked. So no-one can see you on d-scan unless you drop it. That said I had some freedom in jumping around neighbouring systems just to check if there is anybody there. Fortunately they were mostly empty. By the time I got back to my observation point I noticed a third ship on d-scan near the gate. I was curious about this new face, so I decided to take a look. I’ve warped to 100 km off the gate and then saw something pretty good for me.

Strok landed near the gate and managed to draw our two happy campers away from it. There was something like 80 km between the gate and the nearest camper. That was a perfect time to attempt escaping. Instead of showboating to the gate I warped to the nearest planet and warped to 0 on the gate and jumped. I felt sorry for this guy in Strok. But I couldn’t help him anyway. Buzzard doesn’t have a drone bay, and power grid capacity isn’t good enough to fit attack modules. By the way it kinda sucks. This tiny power grid can’t even handle my Heron fit on the Buzzard. I also had to sacrifice my active tank module… But hey, no one can see you. So it’s okay.

The rest of the journey was quite safe. I made it to my home station and transported loot to Jita to sell it. This operation helped my financial actives by 29M ISK. The Buzzard cost and a bit more. So I decided to buy another one of those CovOps Cloak modules, because the one I had on Buzzard for this journey was originally fitted to my Manticore.

Op success!


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