Achievement unlocked: survive a ghost site

… and get some money from it.

Today I planned to make my second low-sec exploration operation. Previous one was OK, I guess. On the one hand, I didn’t get a lot of money from it (which is why I didn’t write about it). But on the other hand, at least I didn’t lose a ship. The course was set and I embarked on the journey.

The desired system was quite far away (around 30 jumps). After making 4 jumps I noticed a lonely cosmic signature in the my current system and began scanning it down. “Hey! It’s a Data site! Not bad” – was my first thought. “Crap, this fracking warning message again” – was the second. The memories about the previous three attempts in hacking ghost sites were kind of fresh at the moment. Spoiler alert: all of them ended up with me losing my dear Heron.


So I weighted all the possible pros and cons and decided to take a risk. After all my cargo hold was empty and Heron (even with the Proto-cloak) is kind of cheap.

The exact moment I’ve given the warp order I felt my hands started to shake. That was bad. Fortunately, by the time I reached the destination, I’ve almost managed to calm myself.

The plan was simple:

  1. target the closest data structure;
  2. get into the hacking distance;
  3. find the kernel;
  4. grab the loot;
  5. warp the frack out of here.

After completing this to-do list I decided to take a look at what I’ve managed to get away with. In the retrospective I can say there probably were enough time to hack another one of those data structures, because the signature was present in the system for something like a minute or so after my warp off. But I just didn’t want to take that risk. I was pretty happy about the contents of my cargo hold.

As promised here are some screenshots:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.48.20.png

Ohh, this satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.49.23.png

Sadly, I wasn’t calm enough to make screenshots of the ghost site, so for the miniature clipped to this post I used something found in Google.

Stay tuned

In the near future another story series will begin! And yes, it is connected to those Caldary Navy Scourge Torpedoes!


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