Null-sec adventures: instant karma

A couple of months have passed since my last post. A lot happened in this time: I’ve joined Wingspan Academy for Enterprising pilots, fracked up my first stealth bomber encounter in the w-space (no losses for both sides) and then decided to make another expedition into the null-sec space.

These two months were kinda filled with real life events so I didn’t spend much time in EVE. To be honest almost a month have passed since I actually did something in EVE. But that’s another story and isn’t a purpose of this post.

Our adventure starts somewhere in the Great Wildlands. Enough space to explore, evade and have some fun. I made a couple of jumps, found no signatures worth investigating. But then the loot fairy smiled on me. Two relic sites, not a soul in local and so I got to business. Hacked almost everything worth hacking while seeing some capsuleers passing through the system. I checked all of them to make sure no one would be interested in me. And then this guy shows up.

I am still new to EVE so I can freak out sometimes when I kinda shouldn’t. I saw some person in a Hurricane on d-scan. Checked his profile – his sec status was 0.3. That made me nervous because this guy definitely wasn’t a newcomer. He was within 3 AU from me and thus I decided to retreat from the system. How? By warping to 0 to the nearest gate, of course! And guess who was there besides me? Luckily enough he was 400+ km off the gate. This gave me an opportunity to jump through without any problems.

I was in high spirits, because now that I’ve passed through this guy wouldn’t be able to catch me (Buzzard’s warp speed is miraculous 8 AU/s). I hoped this would be the end of this story but those hopes were futile. On the other side of the gate there was another guy. In a fracking interdictor (Sabre, if I remember correctly). Just as I was passing through gate he launched the interdiction probe to erect a little friendly “frack warp drives” bubble. First thing that came to my mind was that Buzzard is equipped with CovOps cloaking device. So I quickly gave an order to align to the next gate, activated cloak and started to observe his reaction. He rushed towards me with a clear desire to uncloak and destroy my ship. After realising this I started to move in the different direction. This evasive manoeuvring saved my shiny little Buzzard. The interdictor’s minimal distance to me was 2,400 meters which means that had I not changed the direction I would certainly be uncloaked.

I was already at the edge of the interdiction sphere when my recent Hurricane friend desired to jump through the same gate I did a minute ago. I thought those guys were in a gang hunting noobs like me in the null sec. And then the message “Warp scramble attempt” appeared. I started laughing, because not only I managed to escape this uneasy situation but also because whoever of those guys lost that duel he got podded because of the interdiction sphere. Instant karma, hell yeah.

I had an urge to grab some popcorn and watch the dogfight in space but decided to warp the hell out of there instead.

And so it’s time for some pro tips of the day!

Pro Tip of the Day #5: keep your head cool and don’t freak out.

Pro Tip of the Day #6: don’t warp to 0 to the gate in null sec.

Pro Tip of the Day #7: change the direction you are moving ASAP while cloaked if you spot someone rushing towards you.


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